P. C. Hodgell

A very talented and inventive writer of dark fantasy, Hodgell writes books with dense interleaved plots, touches of the macabre and glints of humor, and likable characters.

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  • God Stalk (Jame of the Kencyrath: 1), Fantasy, Argo February 1983: 9.5
  • Dark of the Moon (Jame of the Kencyrath: 2), Fantasy, Berkley February 1987: 7
  • Seeker's Mask (Jame of the Kencyrath: 3), Fantasy, Hypatia Press 1994: 8
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    Author Pictures

    P. C. Hodgell at Worldcon, Baltimore, 1998-8-7

    Melinda Hutson (P.C.'s friend, left) and Pat at Worldcon in Chicago, 2000-9-1

    Jame of the Kencyrath

    An extremely talented fantasy writer, Hodgell wrote several stories and novels about the Kencyrath, a people drafted by their god to fight in the eternal struggle with the Great Corrupter. This includes:

  • God Stalk (review) (covers)
  • Dark of the Moon (review) (cover)
  • Seeker's Mask (review)

    She also published several short stories about Jame:

  • Stranger Blood
  • Child of Darkness (cover)
  • Bones (illustration)
  • A Matter of Honor

    Author Appearances

    Hodgell is planning to attend Worldcon 2003 in Toronto, a.k.a. Torcon August 28 - September 1.

    News and Rumors

    January 2003

    Melinda Hutson writes: "Regarding the fourth novel: PC has completed good first drafts of the first two chapters. She is working on the third."

    January 2002

    A new cover scan is added. This one is from a British edition containing the first two Jame novels. The cover was scanned by Melinda Hutson.

    August, 2001

    Stephen Pagel (Meisha Merlin) says P.C. Hodgell is contracted to write Jame 4. She asked for 2.5 years, so it should be out (he thinks) 2004-2005.

    Pat says that she has quite a few notes for Jame 4, written over the past year. If all goes well (fingers crossed), her writing speed should improve.

    The "post-Ivanhoe" novel—or its first chapters—are being reviewed by a major SF publisher. More fingers crossed.

    And Gerridon is pronounced with a soft G, as in "Jerry."

    P.S. Hodgell books from Meisha Merlin are quite popular at the dealer room. Goodie!

    There should be a compilation of short stories, including a couple of new ones from MM in 2002: Spring or Summer. P.C. has some pretty good ideas of what stories she wants to write, but they haven't been written yet.

    P.C. has read a scene from her "post-Ivanhoe" novel. She is trying to break it up into three parts. The tentative name for the series is "The Lionhearts". The books to be named _King Under the Hill_, _King of the Hall_, and _King of the Wood_.

    Currently, the proposed trilogy is being reviewed by Ace.

    April 28, 2001: Seeker's Mask on the Shelves

    Meisha Merlin's trade paperback edition of Seeker's Mask has been spotted on the shelves of local Barnes & Noble! Cursory review reveals no differences from the Hypatia edition.

    January 15, 2001

    The "Ivanhoe" manuscript has been submitted to some publishers in New York City. No response yet.

    December 3, 2000

    Stephen Pagel confirmed the planned publication of Seeker's Mask, both a hardcover and a trade softcover. More details at Meisha Merlin's web page. They are promising "a few surprise extras!" They are accepting pre-orders now.

    October 2000

    Stephen Pagel of Meisha Merlin writes "P. C. Hodgell has just accepted our contract for a fourth Jamie title in her 'Godstalk' universe." Yippie! From the same email, a snippet from Meisha Merlin's 2001 schedule: "February 2001: 'Pilots Choice' by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller 'Seeker's Mask' by P. C. Hodgell" Note: I like Lee and Miller, and felt like including their news here as well.

    September 2000 (at Chicon 2000)

    In no particular order:

  • Jame is pronounced like "Jaym", not like "Jay-mie" as I was doing.
  • All stories except for "Child of Darkness" are canon.
  • Jame goes to the Citadel is at least two years away. If P.C. gets a contract for the "Ivanhoe Sequel", it may be considerably longer than two years. In this novel, Jame matures, begins to claim a larger role within Kencyr. We also find out more about Kindrie and his ancestry.
  • The following book will probably have Jame go the Southern Wastes, following Tori's steps, as it were.
  • P.C. likes to weave, and collects yarn and weaves everywhere. She has an idea for a fantasy novel, "Three Weavers of the Apocalypse". Humor with touches of the macabre, if she follows her style.
  • She read from the "Ivanhoe Sequel", which sounded like typical P.C. Unfortunately, I had to run away after 15 minutes to meet my niece.
  • Stephen Pagel of MM was at the show, and selling both hardcover and trade paperback of Dark of the Gods. Seeker's Mask should be out in Spring of 2001.

    August 1998

    Her next book may be about what happens after Ivanhoe. In the process of researching for her thesis, she has uncovered more material than she could ever use. According to P. C., some of these are stranger than anything she could ever imagine.

    By the way, Rathorn is pronounced RA-THORN (not RAT-HORN).

    Other Works

    She published "A Ballad of the White Plague" in the collection The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, a somewhat depressing story that can be interpreted either as Horror or as plain Mystery, depending on one's preference. The murderer of the piece is either a seductive vamprire, Tuberculosis, human malice or tragic accident.

    The Faces of Fantasy contains a picture of Hodgell, as well as a (very short) autobiographical message.

    Covers and Artwork

    Cover of God Stalk, click for full size

    Other Web Pages

    Patricia Hodgell's Home Page

    at the University of Wisconsin at Osh Kosh, where she teaches English. Not much material yet, but her friend is redoing the page, and will put new material, including pictures, on the site.

    Kencyr An eGroups.com discussion list for discussion of P. C. Hodgell's works.

    Steve Clark's Kencyr Page Excellent site with some nice graphics and a lot of P. C. Hodgell information. An older version of the page is here.

    David Lenander's P.C. Hodgell Page Site includes a picture of P. C.

    House of Luck Bringers A Yahoo! club for discussion of P.C. Hodgell's works.

    P.C. Hodgell: Seeker's Mask A review of Seeker's Mask by Christina M. Schulman.

    Hodgell, P. C. The Linköping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive.

    Dream-Weaver's Lament Filk by Roger Burton-West inspired by Hodgell's books.

    About Patricia C. Hodgell, Ph. D. P. C.'s introduction, on a web page describing a course that she taught at University of Minnesota.

    A picture of P. C. Hodgell The link appears to be dead.

    Locus Index to Science Fiction—Hodgell bibliography at SFF Net: stories and books.


    Meisha Merlin Publishing has published Dark of the Gods and is about to publish Seeker's Mask. They also have a contract for the fourth Jame book, sometimes referred to as "Jame goes to the Citadel". MM's books are available at many major book chains, including Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

    For some Hodgell's in-print Kencyr works, a source of new books was Hypatia Press, a small press publisher in Oregon. According to P. C., Alan (a.k.a Hypatia Press) can be reached at Escape Books +1 541 484 9500. It is not clear that they are still in business.

    For older editions, you should check your local library, especially for God Stalk. Used book places are also a fruitful source for Hodgell's books.

    The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes is available from Amazon.com, and the "Ballad of the White Plague" and could be purchased at one point in its own chapbook from Hypatia. I saw P. C. selling the chapbook at Worldcon (Baltimore, 1998-8-7).

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