Julie E. Czerneda

A talanted and prolific Canadian author of science fiction, including the "Web Shifters" and the "Trade Pact" series. Julie is also an editor, and active in using Science Fiction in schools. Her books frequently mix elements of Space Opera with exotic and sympathetic aliens, emotional entanglements and touches of humor.

Reviews on This Site

  • Beholder's Eye (Web Shifters: 1), Science Fiction, DAW October 1998: 6
  • Ties of Power (Trade Pact: 2), Science Fiction, DAW November 1999: 6
  • Changing Vision (Web Shifters: 2), Science Fiction, DAW August 2000: 6.5
  • In the Company of Others, Science Fiction, DAW June 2001: 7
  • To Trade the Stars (Trade Pact: 3), Science Fiction, DAW June 2002: 6.5
  • Hidden in Sight (Web Shifters: 3), Science Fiction, DAW April 2003: 7
  • Species Imperative: Survival (Species Imperative: 1), Science Fiction, DAW Books May 2004: 7
  • Migration (Species Imperative: 2), Science Fiction, DAW Books May 2005: 7.5
  • Regeneration (Species Imperative: 3), Science Fiction, DAW Books May 2006: 7
  • Riders of the Storm (Stratification: 2), Science Fiction, DAW Books September 2008: 7.5
  • The Clan Chronicles

    Books featuring humanoid and ESP-gifted humanoid Clan and their relationship with humans.


    Chronologically first, but written later series of the early stage of the Clan.
    1. Reap the Wild Wind
    2. Riders of the Storm
    3. Rift in the Sky (forthcoming 2009 from DAW)

    Trade Pact

    Written first, and initially called the Trade Pact Universe, now is a series within "The Clan Chronicles" universe.
    1. A Thousand Words for Stranger
    2. Ties of Power
    3. To Trade the Stars


    Concludes the story of the Clan, Sira and Morgan.
    1. Reunification 1 (forthcoming)
    2. Reunification 2 (forthcoming)
    3. Reunification 3 (forthcoming)

    Web Shifters

    A Science Fiction series about Esen, a young (relatively speaking) member of a secretive shape-shifting race in a multi-species interstellar culture.
    1. Beholder's Eye
    2. Changing Vision Changing Vision: Front Cover
    3. Hidden in Sight
    4. Hidden in Sight: Front Cover
    5. Search Image (forthcoming in hardcover)

    Species Imperative

    Interstellar suspense with a conflict between species driven by their biology, full of friendship, humor, wonder, mystery, terror, and even romance.
    1. Survival
    2. Survival
    3. Regeneration

    Other Works

  • In the Company of Others, the winner of the 2002 Prix Aurora Award
  • Turn of Light: Julie's first Fantasy novel (forthcoming)
  • The Gossamer Mage: Fantasy novel (forthcoming)

    Photo Gallery

    August-September 2003

    Lots of pictures from Torcon 3, the World Science Fiction convention in Toronto. Lots of pictures of Julie and her friends, particularly:
  • Julie at the Hugos
  • Julie with the Golden Duck and the Newsgroupies
  • Julie with the Golden Duck and Isaac Szpindel

    January 25, 2003

    Here are pictures taken at Vericon 2003, a small Science Fiction convention held on January 24-26, 2003 at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusets, The pictures include Julie (of course), Lady J and Draconis, Patricia Wrede and Catherine Asaro.

    Toronto Trek 15 (July 2001)

    Pictures and captions by Nicole.

  • No. 5 Lots of folks including Julie holding In the Company of Others.
  • No. 6 Picture from Saturday night in 10 forward before the make it bigger incident. Left to right Me Annetter Oostveen John Mierau and someone who I can't remember.
  • No. 7 Group picture in the hotel on Sunday. Left to right back row John Mireau, Julie, Dan Zoltnikov, Lara, Ruth Stuart. Front row Me, Roger and Kevin Scharf.
  • No. 8 Group shot from the breakfast Saturday morning. Feel free to name yourselves. Julie says:
    PS. Breakfast? Going around the table clockwise from left: Miranda, Josh, Annette O., That Julie Person, Ruth, Les (really, he's hiding, Peter, and Amanda. John? You in there? My ladies have left by now I think. And Kevin is taking the photo? Or did we waylay someone?
  • Julie Czerneda with a book (Beholder's Eye)
  • Julie, Ed Starr
  • Links

    Julie E. Czerneda's Web Page

    Includes the author's biography, bibliography, upcoming events and works.


    The fanzine dedicated to the newsgroup of Julie E. Czerneda. Maintained by J. Chase (J'sBF) with the help of Ruth Stuart, Lady of the Code.

    Annette Griessman's Web Page

    Annette is a children's author, and a frequent poster to Julie's newsgroup.

    News Group

    Discussion of Julie's works and related matters, with frequent postings by the author.

    Rogue's Gallery: pictures of the newsgroup contributors.

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