Miners in the Sky

Murray Leinster

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A simplistic space adventure of the lonely and lawless asteroid mining, this old-fashioned SF novel is thin on science or characterization.

Reviewed by David on October 01, 2000

Genre: Science Fiction (Space Opera)

Synopsis: In the dust-clouded asteroid rings of a gas giant of Thothmes, the space miners, like the gold prospectors of past centuries, ply their lonely quest hoping to strike it rich. The asteroid occasionally hide the nuggets of the Abyssal Crystal—the most valuable material in space, one that allows the spaceship engine to function.

Between murder and accidents in this lawless space, the mortality rate among the miners is 30% per year, and the miners are a tough, expedient bunch. However, even a veteran like Dunne is unprepared for space pirates, or the rumors of mysterious aliens. Just when the things couldn't get any tougher, however, his patrner's sister comes to the Rings of Thothmes...

Full Review: This is a space opera in the old tradition, with sounds in space, tough men and admiring women (what few of them show up). Not to mention shoot-outs and unbelievable space maneuvres. This is a thin book, and it appears padded with repetition of known facts, and similar descriptions of venue.

Entertaining to some extent, with a willing suspension of disbelief, by modern standards this adventure is simplistic and superficial.

Overall: 4; Plot: 4.5; Characters: 4.5; Style: 3.5; World-building: 5; Originality: 4.5;

Copyright date 1967, Sphere Books (Sphere), 1968, Mass-market paperback, 125 pages

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