Circle, Crescent, Star

Kantmorie Saga: 2

Ansen Dibell

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An interesting novel of a culture clash and the consequences of advanced but disappearing technology.

Reviewed by David on May 21, 2000

Genre: Science Fiction (Regressed Colony, ESP)

Full Review: This is the second book in the Kantmorie Saga, which began with Pursuit of the Screamer. See also the review of the third book, Summerfair, for a detailed description of the mileau, along with some spoilers.

Refreshing in its generally sensible and humanistic approach to post-technological politics, and pleasant in its portrayal of Jannus as a family man, this book explores the power struggles when a very important and ambitious boy runs away from the most powerful ruler on the planet. The resulting political upheaval shakes Jannus and his environment to the core, and his struggle to keep safe, in order, his not-entirely-human wife, their children, his friends, his city and his world are fascinating and sympathetic. For Jannus has a rare gift—he may be the only human to know the secrets of the lost Kantmorie—and to realize just how useless this dangerous knoweledge is.

If you find this book in the library, or have a chance to buy it in a used book store, it's well worth reading.

Art: Front Cover: Jannus fighting Lora, a troopmaid

Overall: 6; Plot: 6; Characters: 6.5; Style: 5.5; World-building: 5.5; Originality: 6.5;

Copyright date 1981, Donald A. Wollheim (DAW Books), March 1981, Mass market, 252 pages

ISBN: 0-87097-603-9 Order from:

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